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Ebert impianti di ebert aldo (India)(Member Since: 0000-00-00)

 Manufacturer/Exporter/Supplier of heat exchangers for corrosive fluids. To improve our foreign market, we are searching partners well known in galvanic, chemical and metallurgic industries to operate in free zones Products and services: standard and special heat exchangers, production creased tube, etching baskets, special filter and pumps, numerical control and special components.
Address:Via Asiago, 12 Italy Milano Italy 20128
Contact No:+91 0039022575272

Regal dies (India)(Member Since: 2010-01-16)

 Manufacturer, Exporter & Wholesale Supplier of Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Dies.
Contact No:+91

S.s.insulation (India)(Member Since: 2010-08-12)

 Manufacturer and Exporter of Zirconium Octoate, Manganese Octoate, Calcium Octoate, Cadmium Octoate, Lead Octoate, Cobalt Octoate, Zinc Octoate, Iron Octoate, Cerium Octoate, Barium Octoate, Stannous Octoate, Copper Naphthenates Octoate.
Address:Gat No. 307/12, Plot No. 10A, Nanekar Wadi
Contact No:+91 +(91)-(2135)-662184

Growtech science (India)(Member Since: 2010-06-04)

 Exporter of Bio pesticides, bio fungicides, organic fungicides.
Contact No:+91 3068609

Ultra-pack (India)(Member Since: 2010-08-07)

 Manufacturer Exporter and wholesale supplier of industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, general chemical industrial, industrial organic chemicals, paper allied industrial chemical and cleaning chemicals. Also offers detergents chemicals, api powder and toilet soaps.
Address:C-14, Shanti Campus, MM Malviya Marg, Mulund (West)
Contact No:+91 +91-93210-02225

Silver microns pvt. ltd. (India)(Member Since: 2010-05-25)

 Manufacturer, Exporter of Calcite Powder, Dolomite Powder, Talcum Powder and Barytes Powder.
Address:116, Ashok Nagar
Contact No:+91 2411700

United sales corporation (India)(Member Since: 0000-00-00)

 Manufacturer, Exporter and Wholesale supplier of petrochemical solvents in Pakistan both in Bulk and in drums and are looking for to Buy in Bulk 1000 metric tons any of the following on CNF Karachi port basis. Besides Lahore,we have an offshore tank facilities at the Keamari Terminal for storage as as well as our own warehouse in Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi:- 1. Toluene 2. Heptane 3. Pentane (mixture of 40% iso Pentane and 60% of Iso Pentane) 4. n-Hexane 5. Xylene (Mixed) 6. Petroleum Ether.
Address:139-Circular Road Lahore - Pakistan - Lahore Pakistan 54000
Contact No:+91 7639494/7656275

Hebei aojiamei chemicals co.,ltd (India)(Member Since: 2010-11-17)

 Titanium dioxide, Caustic soda, Carbon Black, Zinc Oxide,STPP, Formic Acid, Glacial acetic acid, Stearic acid,Copper Oxide, Copper Sulfate, LABSA, Adipic acid, Ethylene Glycol,SLES.ect
Contact No:+91 89277553

A. m. a. auxillance products (India)(Member Since: 2010-08-12)

 Deals in Sanjivani Booty Bio Terminator, Soft Finish RR, Shatavari MH Herbal Bio Terminator, Effluent Enzyme, VIB-333 Micronutrients, Brewery Enzyme, Triple Gum Bio Terminator, Starch Alternate, Stiff Finish RR Textile Agent, Amino Silicone.
Address:216, M. Azad Road, Near 2 Tank, Chaku Bhai Chawl,, Office 27 First Floor.
Contact No:+91 23091859

J. brothers (India)(Member Since: 2010-10-08)

 Manufacturer and Exporter of pharmaceutical chemicals like sulphamic acids chemicals, powdered sulphamic acid chemicals, sulphamic acid detergent chemical, sodium nitrate chemicals, powdered sodium nitrate chemicals and monoethanolamine chemical.
Address:100, Tilak Bazar Chowk Ground Floor 110 006, India
Contact No:+91 +(91)-9811167662

Westman chemicals pvt. ltd. (India)(Member Since: 2010-08-03)

 Manufacturer, Exporter & Wholesale Supplier of industrial fine chemicals for pharmaceutical, perfumery & electroplating industries. We manufacture pharmaceutical methyl anisole, industrial methyl anisole, pharmaceutical potassium fluoride, industrial potassium fluoride.
Address:61/4, G.G.S. Road , Mulund Colony Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 082, India
Contact No:+91 25685636

Abhijeet chemicals (India)(Member Since: 2010-11-01)

 Manufacturer and Exporter of defoaming agent, acy improver, acrs improver, water treatment chemical, hcl, phosphoric acid, sulphamic acid, alum, sodium hypochlorite, caustic soda flakes, soda ash, hydrogen peroxide, tsp, morpholine, viscosity reducer, antiscalant, seed slurry.
Address:Plot No-126, Viraago Society Marg, Hindawadi Dist-belgaum
Contact No:+91 091-0831-2422083

Vosundra chemical (India)(Member Since: 2010-05-26)

 Manufacturer of All types of chemical; like indistrial lab.
Address:302 ratnamala,sandawadi chember mumbai
Contact No:+91 64269739

J b keer (India)(Member Since: 2010-07-30)

 Manufacturer, Exporters & Wholesale Suppliers of pvc solvent, polyurethane potting, epoxy resins, polyurethane adhesives, potting compound, construction chemicals, pvc solvents, synthetic resin adhesive, polyurethane formulation.
Address:103, Sayli, Manas Soct.
Contact No:+91 91-98508-58558

Tianjin ruimingte chemicals co.,ltd. (India)(Member Since: 2010-11-10)

 Manufacturer, Exporter and Wholesale supplier of Dyestuff and Pigment products Lithopne, Titanium Dioxide , Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide Red/Yellow/Green/Brown/Black Chrome Oxide Green, Pentaerythritol, Carbon Black, Poly Vinyl Alcohol, Sulphur Black, Leather Raw Materials, Formic Acid, Glacial Acetic Acid ,Sodium Pyrosulfite Rubber products, Carbon Black, Zinc Oxide, Textile Raw Materials, Caustic Soda Flakes/Pearls, Formic Acid , Glacial Acetic Acid (GAA), Sodium Chloride , Zinc ,Sulfate, Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Carbonate, Poly Vinyl Alcohol, Cleaning Raw
Address:Address :Room 2020, No .3 Longchuan Road ,Nankai
Contact No:+91 60751506

Aarbee international (India)(Member Since: 2009-12-24)

 Manufacturer, Exporter & Wholesale Supplier of Chemical Supplies.
Address:236, 2ND FLOOR, SAMUEL STREET, MUMBAI - Maharashtra Maharashtra
Contact No:+91

Sabero organics gujarat limited (India)(Member Since: 2010-09-19)

 Manufacturer and Exporter of Agrochemical Formulations Product, Agrochemicals Active Ingredients, Specialty Chemicals & Intermediate Products.
Address:A-302, Phoenix House, 3rd Floor, 462 Senapati, Bapat Marg,
Contact No:+91 +912224960979

Aerosupplies partner (India)(Member Since: 0000-00-00)

 Exporter and Wholesale Supplier of aircraft Rotables, Repairables, Chemicals, Hardware and GSE.
Address:Lot 562-21/22, jalan ss 13 subang jaya selangor subang Malaysia 47500
Contact No:+91 60122108411

Precious chemicals (India)(Member Since: 2011-02-26)

 Manufacturer/Exporter/Supplier of phosphoric acid caustic soda flakes bromine & compounds.
Contact No:+91 91

Jolly enterprises (India)(Member Since: 2010-10-22)

 Manufacturer and Exporter of Azithromycin, Benzalkonium Chloride 50% IP, Betamethasone / Beclomethazone, Cetremide IP, Chlrohexdine Gloconate 20% Sol. IP, Coumarin, Glutaraldehyde 50% (Dow), Invert Sugar Syrup, Ion Exchange Resines, Iso Propyl Alcohol, L-Lysine Usp, Metronidazole IP, P.V.P.K.-30 Usp, Povidone Iodine IP, Proplyen Glycol.
Address:55, Ezra Street, 3rd Floor, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700 001 (India)
Contact No:+91 +(91)-(33)-30223604