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  • Top 2013 Trends in Men Fashion (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Earlier in 19th century fashion meant only for wealthy men. But in current trends fashion designers are able to provide an elegant look to men of every strata and through this fashion has become more and more popular.   As time passed by, new designs began to enter with great stylish looks. In 20th century changes occurred rapidly, perhaps it’s because of many new technologies, increased awareness of people and advancement in t....  Read More..
  • Growing Trends of Fashion Industry in 2013 in India (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Fashion is a term for style or practice in clothing, accessories, makeup and refers to the new creations of textile designers. The global apparel industry trade is expected to be USD 1 Trillion by 2020. With the developed economies facing economic recession and further growth restrictions at this time, the major growth driver economies for Global Apparel industry are the BRIC countries namely Brazil, Russia, India and China.   Retailers ....  Read More..

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