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  • Mobile Commerce - Disruptive Innovation - Global Retail Channels (Posted Date: 2013-09-29)
    Mobile commerce is designed to help retail and enterprise business technology by creating the most effective mobile commerce strategy. Consumers are increasingly making the use of smartphones for shopping across categories. The mobile commerce market is complex. Moreover determining a product or enterprise mobile commerce planning and operation is challenging. Mobile Commerce World aims executives with the strategies, procedure for getting succ....  Read More..

  • Role of IT in CPG Industry in 2013 (Posted Date: 2013-08-01)
    After the end of Great Recession, consumer packaged goods (CPG) marked the beginning of the recovery with more technical advancement. We expect 2013 GDP growth to remain constant at 4.1 percent, and the consumer price index (CPI) will hold stable at 2.1 percent. Furthermore, information technology grew by adjacent technologies like social business and predictive analytics which constitutes a transformative opportunity to help consumer products. ....  Read More..

  • How To Protect Ecommerce Guest Against Frauds? (Posted Date: 2013-06-28)
    Global e-commerce is growing at a steady pace and is expected to raise nearly $1.2 trillion worldwide in 2013. To no one’s surprise, e-commerce fraud is growing along with fraudulent transactions which boom to rise approximately 26 %, from $2.7 billion in 2010 to $3.4 billion in 2013. The true cost of fraud nowhere comes out because it doesn’t take into account significant hidden costs. Consumers are reasonably well protected, wherea....  Read More..

  • 2013 - Top Predictions for Global Retail Markets (Posted Date: 2013-08-01)
    The globalisation of retail industry is intense. Before, it was hard to imagine that international retailers would set up a shop in your neighbourhood, but now it is actually happening. Globally retailers are now spreading their wings across the globe to cash in on new opportunities. Many countries which have not historically proven attractive to international retailers have enjoyed increased interest over the last few years. Strong economic per....  Read More..

  • Trends Of Office, School & Commercial Supplies And Consumables (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Today the office supply industry is associated with two important trends one: category expansion and price inflation. With the help of closer supplier relationship, it is now possible to get a lower cost of office supplies. Office supplies were basically assumed as paper, ink toner and other stationery. Some refreshment at workplace such as coffee etc also form extended product line. This is a good reason why the price of coffee has jumped out ....  Read More..

  • Emerging Trends in Arts & Craft, Antiques & Handmade Decoratives (Posted Date: 2013-05-31)
    People are buying arts & craft goods, antiques and handmade decorative for their home interiors to make their abode get a classy look. Latest and newfangled furnishings are put aside and old and antiques are taking their respective places. Antique wooden furnishings were the sufferer of altering era in the last few decades, but it is likely that people will revive their love for these antiques soon in this century. Even in this latest decad....  Read More..

  • 2013 Changing Consumer behavior Trends in Consumer Electronics Industry (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Consumers are rapidly changing the way they buy and use consumer electronics. Consumer Electronics market research shows a competitive environment best characterized as an open playing field. Consumers are relying on small multi-function devices, yet they continue to test new devices in the market. With powerful yearly growth, the worldwide consumer electronics industry remains bullish. While younger consumers are eager to purchase new tech....  Read More..

  • Security Equipment Market Trends (Posted Date: 2013-06-02)
    Safety equipments are the hardware products that are used to secure and protect people and belongings. It includes modern innovations in life safety door hardware, incorporated door security systems and also includes safes, padlocks, timers, window guards, fire safe system, security chains and smoke detectors.  Although each and every building use door and windows hardware but very few are designed to take the full benefit of vast respons....  Read More..

  • Natural Fibers and Their Use (Posted Date: 2013-06-02)
    A hair‐like simple  thread of fabric  that  can be spun or twisted for weaving, braiding, crocheting, knotting etc to make desired item, commands a major industry Fibers can be obtained in normal form from plants and animals as well as in synthetic form. Synthetic fibers are either made up of chemicals or by dispensation fibers to create new structures or properties.   The souk for natural fiber products has seen an up....  Read More..

  • Scope of Online Business Application Software (Posted Date: 2013-06-02)
    Business applications are interactive that means they have a graphical user interface. They can run reports immediately. A number of CRM systems are prepared with mobile capabilities, making information easy to get to dispersed sales staff. was the first company to provide enterprise applications all the way through a web browser. The era of the social networking means the use of social media (Twitter, Facebook,&nbs....  Read More..

  • Current Trends in Trauma Crime & Disaster Management System (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    In the current trend, Disaster Management has come out as a significant managing system to handle any calamity events. Well-organized Disaster Management should be able to guess the scale of disasters and its rapid responses in any of the tragedy.   These days, the method of Disaster Management is merely a scientific occurrence. There are three stages which are specifically Pre Disaster, During the Disaster and the Finally Post Disaster. P....  Read More..

  • Industry & Trade Associations (Posted Date: 2013-06-02)
    These are associations that network the business stakeholders and conduct study that includes basic analysis probing the prospects of each business, with a relative study of company data. The information on chief trends, key players and financials is escorted by an update on the recent advancements in the business and a prediction on the impact of government rules and regulations on the trade.   Business & Company Resource Centers are....  Read More..

  • Emerging Trends in Textiles, Yarn Fabrics Production & Trade (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    The Textile industry is booming. All the major performance parameters such as installed capacity, production, consumption, etc have revealed positive trend during the last few decades. Latest trends in fiber, yarn and fabric organization in Textile Apparel-Distribution network necessitate a very exact estimation of consumption pattern and sourcing management to reduce their costs and satisfy their customers. Fashion designers rely more on fashion....  Read More..

  • The Growing Trends Of Electronic Goods (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    There are many types of electronic and electrical goods available in the markets that are used for many tasks and makes work easier for the industrial workers. Some of the electrical supplies include wires, switches, lighting fixtures and cables that are very useful to set up networks of computers and IT industries. The other smaller tools include the wire Crimpers, screwdrivers, wire strippers, pliers, fish tape and many other products that are ....  Read More..

  • 2013 - TOP TRENDS IN ECOMMERCE MARKETPLACE (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Nowadays the Internet is viewed as a big marking channel that is very much capable of potentially covering entire world population. This is why electronic commerce plays a vital role for many traditional businesses. Marketplace in e-commerce mainly consists of buying and selling, through online activities, of products or services over the internet and other computer networks. The amount of trade conducted electronically has grown dramatically s....  Read More..

  • Consumer Trends on Buying & Sending Flowers Online (Posted Date: 2013-06-02)
    Flowers are always in demand whenever an occasion takes place. Whether you are willing to organize an anniversary party or make the birthday party awesome, floral arrangement is mandatory. Wide range of flowers is available in the market according to sure diverse preferences worldwide. The new trend in the industry is online marketplace for flowers and gift products.  Due to the advantage provided by internet and eCommerce websites, it becom....  Read More..

  • Global Growth Trends of Leather Market (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Leather and Leather Products segment is one of the leading amid a variety of ingredients of the industrialized sector, mainly due to its involvement towards employment. It is one of the sole sectors which have the benefit of the both value addition and export potential. It also contributes appreciably to whole manufacturing output and exports.   Leather trade has enormous potential for employment, output growth and export. The segment is o....  Read More..

  • Demand Prospects for Household Appliances and Homeware in 2013 (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Pioneering, elegant, stylish and stupendous plan is that which can be used to describe the latest trends in home appliances and home wares.   Electrical home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, ovens and kitchen hoods, or tiny domestic appliances such as breakfast sets, coffee makers and equipment for body care or ironing etc assist to ease the housework, making life easier and more pleasurable. These home wares are....  Read More..

  • Top 2013 Trends in Men Fashion (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Earlier in 19th century fashion meant only for wealthy men. But in current trends fashion designers are able to provide an elegant look to men of every strata and through this fashion has become more and more popular.   As time passed by, new designs began to enter with great stylish looks. In 20th century changes occurred rapidly, perhaps it’s because of many new technologies, increased awareness of people and advancement in t....  Read More..

  • Trend in Paper and Paper Products  (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    The Paper Industry makes things made from paper products like printing paper, labels cardboard boxes etc. There are number of places where paper and its products are used. It is the primary material in schools and offices. Medical Technology uses it for bandages, gauge, cartons pads bags etc. The engineers use the paper as boards for building and construction purposes. Greeting card, gift wrapping, decoration etc. are a part of paper product. &n....  Read More..

  • Furniture-The ornament of Your Home (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Furniture goes a great deal in adding appearance and presentation of a house. Attractive pieces of art, paintings, rightly matched furniture add poise and elegance to one's house. In addition to furniture's functional role, it can serve a symbolic or religious purpose such as making idols or structures which represent a person's religious belief. It can be made from many materials including metal, plastic and wood. Keeping up with the needs of th....  Read More..

  • Top 2013 Trends in Men Fashion (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Earlier in 19th century fashion meant only for wealthy men. But in current trends fashion designers are able to provide an elegant look to men of every strata and through this fashion has become more and more popular.   As time passed by, new designs began to enter with great stylish looks. In 20th century changes occurred rapidly, perhaps it’s because of many new technologies, increased awareness of people and advancement in the fas....  Read More..

  • Growing Trends of Fashion Industry in 2013 in India (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
      Fashion is a term for style or practice in clothing, accessories, makeup and refers to the new creations of textile designers. The global apparel industry trade is expected to be USD 1 Trillion by 2020. With the developed economies facing economic recession and further growth restrictions at this time, the major growth driver economies for Global Apparel industry are the BRIC countries namely Brazil, Russia, India and China.   ....  Read More..