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Medicine, Beauty & Health Care
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  • 2013 - Top Trends in Aesthetics, Sports and Recreation (Posted Date: 2013-06-28)
    The Aesthetics and Recreation industry goes through many seasonal spikes with passionate followers that don’t continue for long. However the industry has consistently witnessed many trends that command the industry. The role of Educated, Experienced and Certified Fitness Professionals is profoundly visible. They need to get national third-party accreditation that shall differentiate them from their competitors by means of education. Th....  Read More..

  • Factors Effecting Trends and Growth of Personal Care Products Sector (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Personal Care (PC) sector is one of the fastest growing sectors, and is probable to smash the conventional products soon. This trend also features marvelous prospects for manufacturers and retailers in the natural and organic Personal Care conduit. According to the research, Personal Care products are now finally becoming more inexpensive. Top Personal Care product producers come from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, the US, Russia and Bra....  Read More..

  • The Recent Trends in the Field Of Health Care (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    There has been a tremendous increase in the population and a surge in the number of patients too. The need for Doctors and Health Practitioners has automatically increased. A lot of job categories are available in this field like registered nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, nurse practitioners and physicians. There are some medical and health practitioners that also use strategic marketing activities to enhance their practice and....  Read More..

  • Trends in Care & Rehabilitation Centers (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Our society is filled with many people associated with various problems such as drug addiction, dependency on alcohol etc. Trends in Care & rehabilitee Centers include many voluntary and govt. sponsored rehab centers coming up to address these lifestyle problems for social benefit. Due to unavailability of drugs, people suffering with drug addiction are losing control over their body. Even their minds do not work in such a situation.   ....  Read More..

  • Know about the Latest trends in Medical, Pharma, Surgical & Healthcare Products (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Pharmaceutical companies are involved in producing, developing and marketing of drugs. They are the licensed authority to produce and distribute medical drug and surgical instruments in the market. They are also allowed to produce the generic medical products so that people with any economic background can consume without sacrificing a big sum on medicines. Even the government has made them restricted with regards to laws on trading Pharma produc....  Read More..

  • Recent trends in Ayurveda & Herbal Medicines & Products (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Ayurvedic medicines are made of herbs that are full of nutrition and have a high healing effect. In today’s world, Ayurvedic medicines are moving a step ahead of homeopathic medicines etc.  They are also very low priced in comparison to other drugs and medicines.   Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects. The herbs that are used have good taste and flavor and have their sole medical properties. Ayurvedic medicines help ....  Read More..

  • The survival of Indian Jewelry market - Key trends for 2013 (Posted Date: 2013-06-02)
    Gems and jewelry is an important emerging sector in the Indian economy. It’s among fastest growing sector which also helps in foreign exchange generation. India possesses most competitive gems and jewelry market due to low cost production, increasing foreign exchange, and gold reserves. However, being export-dependent makes the sector susceptible to foreign currency volatility. The gems and jewelry industry is the most fascinating being....  Read More..

  • Growing Trends of Fashion Industry in 2013 in India (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Fashion is a term for style or practice in clothing, accessories, makeup and refers to the new creations of textile designers. The global apparel industry trade is expected to be USD 1 Trillion by 2020. With the developed economies facing economic recession and further growth restrictions at this time, the major growth driver economies for Global Apparel industry are the BRIC countries namely Brazil, Russia, India and China.   Retailers ....  Read More..

  • Animal Husbandry - Industry Scenario and Solutions  (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    Animal husbandry is generally an agricultural practice which comprises of breeding and raising the farming of animals. Animal Husbandry has gained a lot of progress over the past 30 years in many areas such as nutrition, genetics etc. This progress has led to a strengthening of animal production and animal husbandry. Due to the progress in the field of animal husbandry, lots of things have changed. It is no longe....  Read More..