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  • Religion and Faith (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    The next 50 years will see a continuance of the growing assortment within the religious community. Fifty years ago the religious landscape was dominated by Protestant Churches, Jewish Synagogues and Catholic Cathedrals. Now the things have changed a lot!   Today growing spiritual diversity will continue to impact communities, corporations and culture. Spiritual diversity will rise. The implications of this diversity are far reaching. Som....  Read More..

  • Sports Goods, Games, Toys & Accessories (Posted Date: 2013-06-02)
    Game always changes in the sports market. Some of the trends regarding sports are mentioned below: Sports marketing span a diversity of products, which include sports teams, sporting events and venues and athletes approving an array of brands, plus associations, such as the Olympics, Major League Baseball and the National Football League. Any of the brands can come into sports marketing, counterfeit partnerships and practice some of the top tren....  Read More..

  • Trends in Printing & Publishing and impact on consumers (Posted Date: 2013-05-30)
    The new printing trend was brought into the market due to the emergence of internet technologies and digital system. Thus, the change in the printing industry is noticed by many people of the society. There is a rapid change in the organization or the business concerns dealing with the operation in the printing phase. Many foreign countries have accepted the trend in printing industry with open arms. Also the printing companies are in a position ....  Read More..